Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

feel 'hweeeek' to look his several face

yessh~I feel it...
but you not able to know who is that
so I will using the his alias name (made by me) ---> fake )x

huh,he is not in this world (read : fiction)
he is not the real human (so don't think if you are the man who I think)
he is very,veeery~make me so angry in several times ==a
the feeling hate to him because I am the geek who watches many 'fandom' from many sources
yeah~the reason why I hate him is sound very strange,but  this is my reason
yes,maybe I hate him because I look his 'cute' pics in the fandom,but I think he is not cute as the pics ==a
I think he is not cute,but I think he is handsome #gubrakkk~
yes,he is handsome for my looking,but not cute in my mind

and the last (but not he least),the conclucion is...

he cannot to be the 'cute' person for me
maybe he can be that for many people
but not for me...

geez~both the reason and concluson is very strange to the normal human...
but,to me,is very...very......hmm~......I don't know...
is normal to me,I'm sorry all @_@

at the last,this is my first post which all of the word are using English~
and,I'm sorry if my English is realy,realy crappy~ xD


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